... works in Medical . She has a young child. Although working from home has the benefit of flexibility, she is distracted often and finds it difficult to achieve deadlines. She is also not outgoing, doesn't like using the camera online and is often quiet and non-contributory in meetings. Her team are starting to complain. Solution?

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... works in Marketing manager and loves to be a team player. Working online with his international counterparts on an increasingly daily basis, he has realised how the different cultures are really impacting his work.  Recently, he mistook a gesture in a videoconference as a sign of disagreement leading to an embarrassing misunderstanding. He also created a long detailed presentation for his colleagues in London and was shocked when they cut him short with "Please, just get to the point". Solution?



... works in Sales. He is a Regional Sales Manager. He is battling with his team's poor virtual communication skills with healthcare professionals. He is also frustrated with poorly facilitated meetings which are not fairly including both office and remote staff in discussions. He is tired of his team complaining about problems accessing key medical professionals and wanting the "old way of working" to come back. Solution?

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