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The Boss Factor

“Businesses looking to make an external social contribution should, paradoxically, look inside: improving workers’ job satisfaction could be the single most important thing to do” McKinsey Quarterly September 22, 2020 by Tera Allas and Bill Schaninger

As we navigate our way out of the pandemic we can now, more than ever, define our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ambitions. The question is where can leaders focus their attention?

Improving employee happiness. Relationships with management are the top factors in job satisfaction and happiness at work. Most surveys reveal that employees are most stressed by their immediate boss. So, good boss means good performance. But how do we improve bosses?

At this time especially, a good manager instills a sense of trust and confidence. “How do I make my team members’ lives easier - physically, cognitively and emotionally? Research shows that a servant leader mentality and disposition enhances both team performance and satisfaction”

Trust, encouragement, empathy and good communication.

“How are you doing today?” A genuine question. Feel and show vulnerability.

“Thank you. I really appreciate you working from home. It can’t be easy for you” Routinely and frequently expressing gratitude to your team costs nothing.

Positive feedback builds confidence and authenticity. Awareness and self-care - leaders must be able to relate to themselves before they can do the same for others. Foster an environment of wellbeing including mindfulness and meditation to develop power and resilience.

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