Digital Collaboration

Invest in relationships


While it may be a natural tendency for leaders to focus inward on the business itself, our survey results show that sustaining trust and acknowledging employee efforts are critical to employee engagement, well-being, and effectiveness. Organizations that have been building social capital during earlier phases of the crisis will be in better positions than others as the workforce transitions to the return phase - COVID-19 and the employee experience : How leaders can seize the moment McKinsey & Company

Collaboration Workshop

The five behaviours of a cohesive team—trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results can show up in different ways during times of crisis. That means leaders must show up in different ways, too.


Starting with the best-selling personality assessment that's transforming workplaces everywhere, we have created a fun but pragmatic way of focusing on the real world, encouraging your team to say what no one else will, owning it and developing a strong, trusting collaborative groups that up their game in these difficult times. Our Collaboration Workshop can help you and your team: Improve self awareness, understand other people and adapt to their behaviour, learn how to work together more productively, transform conflict into collaboration, develop stronger sales skills, become more effective managers, get more enjoyment out of every relationship. Let's talk.

Assertive Selling Workshop

Business people say far too much irrelevant stuff, "We make X product", "We have a presence on the internet", etc. It's not interesting to you customer. They want to hear "We make you look better than your competitors", i.e. the benefits to the customer. Our workshop shows you how to start with the end result, what they will be left with when you have done your work. Let's talk.