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Strengthening the culture, but giving space on results

A pervasive myth exists that emotions don't belong at work, and that this often leads us to mistakenly equate professionalism with being stoic or even cold. But research shows that in the moments when our colleagues drop their glossy professional presentation, we're actually much more likely to believe what they're telling us. We feel connected to the people around us, we perform better and we're generally kinder - Liz Fosslien The Way We Work TED

Cultural Contexts Workshop

English is a global language, but communication can be a cultural minefield. Our Cultural Contexts Workshop guides you through the areas of communication where culture needs to be considered, from the context of e-mails across low and high-context cultures, getting your principles of persuasion tuned, through the details of leadership and decision making and finally on to developing that essential  cross-cultural requirement of trust. Let's talk.

Virtual Communication Workshop

How approachable and authentic are you online? Do your social cues talk before you open your mouth? 

Processing and decoding social cues is an important part of daily human interaction and a critical skill for communication and social understanding especially at this time. Taking into account other people’s internal states such as thoughts or emotions is a critical part of forming and maintaining relationships.


Our workshop helps you to be aware of the impact of your social cues in virtual communications. Let's talk.

Advanced Presentation Workshop

Presenting is about getting your content exactly right, so that you: engage your audience; and have the best chance of achieving your desired results from your presentation.

Our workshops focus on three critical elements of making a successful presentation - the before (preparation that gets results), during (delivery skills to impress your audiences) and after (how to follow up your presentations, to ensure they work). Let's talk.