Understanding the stressful situation, employees think differently - Deloitte March 2020

Early research has brought attention to the psychological impacts of ... protracted physical distancing measures, ... loss of identity, ... increased feelings of loneliness, ... increase in domestic violence, child maltreatment - The long term mental health impact of COVID-19 must not be ignored BMJ

Tailored 1-2-1 Coaching​


You may find that you've become part of an overdependent team and now they have lost momentum and motivation. Your team may be overwhelmed by the quantity of work. You and your team may have become disconnected from the work that matters.


We work closely with your employees to develop pragmatic solutions and new knowledge they need to thrive and overcome their current work-based issues to ensure their success in your organisation. Let's talk.


The COVID-19 operating environment requires that managers reexamine their collective thought processes and challenge their own assumptions - When nothing is normal: Managing Extreme Uncertainty 

Assertive Communications Workshop

Communication needs to cause others to do things, but most communication transfers understanding. Taking into account the work of Stephen Covey and Andy Bounds, we have created a workshop which starts with what you want your communication to achieve -  ACTION.

Let's talk.

Effort Management Workshop

Remote working offers freedom and flexibility, but can lead to a feeling of decreased efficiency. Rather than focusing on time management, we have developed a n effort management approach which allows you to balance work with life. Using the Pomodoro Technique as a base, we have created a fun workshop which adopts a serious approach to prioritisation of tasks. Let's talk.