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Healthcare Consulting

We study how patients handle illness, why some people don’t follow medical advice and the most effective ways to control pain or change poor health habits. We also develop health care strategies that foster emotional and physical well-being. We research how to contain health care costs to assist in health care decision and policy making. We study the causes of health problems and how to prevent them, or explore why certain groups don’t seek care when they need it. We also help patients understand and come to terms with a diagnosis, or follow a treatment regimen in order to increase the probability of their full recovery.


Behavioural Consulting

We use scientific methods "to understand and explain how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of other human beings."

Essentially, we help you to understand how each person's individual behaviour is influenced by the social environment in which that behaviour takes place.

We work in a wide range of social topics, including:


Group behaviour, Social perception, Leadership, Nonverbal behaviour, Conformity, Aggression and Prejudice.


Communication Coaching

We interactively coach all four main types of communication used on a daily basis: verbal, nonverbal, written and visual. With all of these communication styles, it’s most effective when you know how to actively listen, observe and empathise. Developing these soft skills can help you better understand a message and respond thoughtfully and assertively.

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