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Healthcare Consulting

At Talk2, we offer comprehensive psychology research services to facilitate better pharmaceutical product development. Our research helps to understand patient needs and habits in taking medicines, allowing pharmaceutical companies to deliver the right medicines for the right patients. Our research is designed to help improve patient outcomes and satisfaction using:

heuristics in decision making 

- problem solving using means-end analysis and mapping


Behavioural Consulting

At Talk2 we understand that people don't just fit into a one-size-fits-all mould. That's why we use psychology research to understand the individual and group behaviour of employees and how to get the best performance from them at work.

We offer personalised, customised solutions for businesses looking to improve their operations, productivity and profits. Our team of experts use psychological research to create effective strategies that will help you get the most out of your employees in:


- group development

- social facilitation 

- cooperation and conflict 

- group decision making (conformity/group think)


Communication Coaching

Our learning environment offers a comprehensive and interactive approach to learning by combining verbal and non-verbal modes of instruction. We provide multimodal learning environments that utilize both verbal and non-verbal representations of the content knowledge to create a more comprehensive learning experience. Our learning environments are designed to be engaging and effective, utilizing mixed-modality presentations to ensure the best possible learning experience.

- leadership models, context and categorisation

- social identity approaches

attitudes, persuasion and behaviour change 

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