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The fundamental purpose of health care is to enhance quality of life by enhancing health.


Decision making

 Humans are not rational in their decision making - they make systematic errors that an intelligent person trying to do their best should not make. However, it is easy to think that this failure to make decisions rationally means that humans are cognitively lazy. Humans do make decisions rationally, but their decision process is bounded by practical, often cognitive, factors. People have to make decisions with limited time, limited information, limited memory and limited abilities to compute new information. We train you how to select a handful of candidate options to choose from, to evaluate how well they achieve a goal and to have a rule for deciding when a rule is achieved to a satisfactory extent. We then focus on optimisation in order to simplify the decision process itself.

Uses: under-pressure decision making, problem solving by breaking functional fixedness (habits).

My habitual behaviour often occurred on an unconscious level, as an automatic response to a particular trigger. As a result of coaching my goal-oriented decision-making now requires me putting time and energy into my actions, but the rewards and results I am achieving with my team online are really something else.

Hiroshi S 

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