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Psychometric tests are used by employers to assess intelligence, abilities, potential and personality.


Psychoeducational testing

1)    Initial Consultation: During an initial screening interview, the client meets to discuss any ongoing issues and determine if a psychoeducational assessment is reasonable and necessary.


2)    Psychometric Testing: The client will then be given various tests to assess his/her academic and reasoning skills, intellectual abilities, memory, attention, and executive functions. The testing duration will typically last four to six hours.


3)    Assessment of Social-Emotional and Behavioural Functioning: This part of the assessment involves gathering collateral and qualitative information that would allow us to better understand you. Questionnaires are given to the client to complete.


4)    Report and Recommendations: Scored test results, interview insights, and questionnaire information is developed into a comprehensive report. The report will also include recommendations and support strategies.


5)    Feedback Session: The client will meet to go over the report. At this time, we will discuss the recommendations and answer any questions that you may have.

Selecting the appropriate candidate was never my strength. I now feel confident that we are choosing the best candidates for our senior placements and interns.

Emiko N 

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