Agility in a time of uncertainty.


Changing your communication model in an age of turbulence. 

We are helping organisations transform to a digital environment by providing new ways of working to help you thrive in this fast-moving, technology-driven world.

The Talk2 Group is providing customised  ILT and VILT to suit your needs.

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"The Talk2 Group consistently improved my performance from a single focus identified through personality profiling. From that simple assessment, Talk2 has given me pragmatic solutions and enabled me to develop my career"





The Talk2 Group's Story

My story begins in 2005. I arrived fresh faced in Japan with big ideas for improving the way everyone communicates. Today, I am privileged to provide pragmatic changes to communication in many global organisations. My success comes from tailoring my expertise to my client's needs leading improvement with sustainable, effective coaching.

The Talk2 Group Mission

My mission is to put confidence at the heart of everyone's communication.

My Values

Listening to understand.

Encouraging mistakes.

Improving on everything we do.




“Working with The Talk2 Group was a counselling experience that revealed the way forward for our organisation.”
Pharmaceutical C.E.O


“The Talk2 Group cleared away the uncertainty that had manifested in our team and instilled an almost catalytic "let's own it" attitude.”
Medical Group Manager (post Team Building workshop)


“I realised after working with The Talk2 Group that you can still learn even when you've been in the industry for a long time.”
Communication C.E.O (Software)






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