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Working with unsavoury people is a challenge. They may have committed serious crimes, but you have to remain objective. Understanding people's communication style helps you to navigate the minefield of human emotions that emerge during evolving conversations. Laurence and Emily Alison identified four styles:

T-Rex. How to manage confrontation: when you argue or challenge, be frank and forthright. Do not be attacking, sarcastic and punitive. 

Mouse. How to capitulate: when you need to concede or show deference, demonstrate humility and patience. But avoid weakness and uncertainty. 

Lion. How to establish control: good leaders are clear, in charge, set the agenda and support others. They are not demanding, dogmatic and pedantic. 

Monkey. How to build cooperation: when you want to create connection, show warmth, concern and togetherness. But be careful of drifting into overfamiliarity and inappropriate intimacy.

Knowing these styles, you then have to manage your own desire to be heard behind you as you seek to listen and understand. Our exciting workshop works with the principles set out by the original research.

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