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Everybody has the potential to become a trustworthy speaker if given the right tools. These tools are available to you within the four pillars of communication: emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical. Use all four of these elements to elevate the skills you already have, and most importantly—enjoy the process of finding your unique voice and becoming an unforgettable speaker!


Social facilitation 

By engaging in this coaching you will be able to explain:


Understand what social facilitation is.

The effects of an “audience” on performance. 


How this can influenced the development of team behaviours, individual and group performance.

Psychometric testing and analysis measurement tools 

There are three ‘tools’ of psychological assessment: interviews, behavioural observation or psychological tests. Assessment centres may include all these elements. 


Talk2 focusses on psychological tests, which include: 

psychological measurements – numerical scores
psychological proles – verbal descriptions, such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and situational analysis, i.e., creating business situations and analysing outcomes based on behaviours.


A psychometric test is an objective and standardised measure of a sample of behaviour. It removes subjectivity and repeated testing should lead to similar results. 

There are ve classifications of psychometric test, forming the acronym ‘MAPIN’. 


"I am not what happened to me, but what I choose to become" - Carl G. Jung

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